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Californian toast one French toast, creme anglaise, berries 6 

Eggs benedict two farm poached eggs, muffin, hollandaise 8


Mixed greens pickled vegetables, salsa de ajo 7

Caesar salad romaine lettuce, anchovy vinaigrette, parmesan cheese 8

Fettuccine cheese cream sauce 9
Lasagna pasta layers, bechamel, beef bolognese sauce 15 

Pappardelle ribbons of pasta, pork ragu, balsamic vinegar 16

Burger American kobe beef, foie gras butter, pickles 20

Half chicken rotisserie South American style, arugula 15

Porchetta deboned pig wrapped around it's skin, greens 19  



Soup of the day 10

 20 month aged Prosciutto di Parma, 20 month aged Parmigiano Regianno, 7 year old balsamic di Modena, house made focaccia 25

Tuna tartare
 line caught fish from Phillipines, wild North Atlantic Capelin roe, plantain chips  18

Sonoma Foie Gras seared duck liver, Sicilian blood orange marmelade, brioche 20

House chopped salad iceberg lettuce, house cured pancetta, Roseville CA blue cheese dressing, aji 19

Wild arugula salad  mushrooms, aged Parmesan cheese, apple cider vinaigrette 13

Arepa (Venezuelan gluten free white corn bread)pork, chicken or vegetarian, cheese, cilantro, tomato, avocado 18 

Carbonara 100% Puglian wheat rigatoni, house cured guanciale, egg yolks, fried black pepper 15

Fetuccine hand made pasta, cooked live Maine lobster, ginger coconut milk, cilantro 26

Spaghettoni 100% Puglian semolina pasta, beef Bolognese sauce, balsamic reduction 17 

Vegeterian pasta rigatoni, spaghettoni or hand cut fettucine, Ligurian pesto 15

Californian pot of gold rice, ginger coconut curry 17

Catch of the day beurre blanc sauce, seasonal vegetables 29

Half chicken Mary's free range chicken, rotisserie, South American style, arugula 15

Akaushi ribeye 8 oz wagyu, potato gratin 30

Steak special market price

Cult members Chef's choice of 4 courses, family style (participation of the 


Gelato vanilla, passion fruit, or blackberry 5

Macaroons strawberry, chocolate, or orange 10

Chocolate Cake 7

Pannacotta 6